Carnival Cruise experiments with smoke-free cigar bars

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 @ 04:07 PM Author: admin

You may have to think twice before taking a vacation on a cruise. Carnival recently experimented banning smoking in none other than cigar bars onboard, according to an article in USA Today. Now, the cruise line is looking for passenger input and at the results to see whether the cigar bar smoking ban should be permanent.

The article states that some have compared the smoking ban to banning passengers from swimming in a ship’s swimming pools.

According to AOL Travel News, some of Carnival’s ships require that passengers walk through cigar bars to reach the Internet café.

“I personally understand why we are looking at this,” the article quotes Carnival cruise director and cigar smoker John Heald as writing on his blog. “I know it is not much fun for non-smokers to pass through the cigar lounges to get to the Internet café.”

Perhaps Tom Johansmeyer of wrote it best when he said, “[…] I can’t understand just what the hell a “smoke-free cigar bar” is.”

Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines

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  1. actually i dream to have a Carnival Cruise in the next few years, i am still trying to earn more money to afford it;;.

  2. carnival cruises are expensive but the experience is really great, you get to visit some great places –,

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